Exclusive Coaching.

All students are enrolled on a tailor-made coaching 
programme, that interlinks both the physical and mental aspects of performance. You won't find quick-fix patch-up coaching here.

Achieve Your Goals.

Shoot Lower Scores.
Reduce Your Handicap by 5 shots or more. 

Continual Improvement.

Monthly coaching packages that see progression in your performance continually. 

Inner Engineering. 

Think differently. Remove frustration. Produce clearer thoughts.

Practice Effectively.

Make the most of your time. Learn to transfer your range game to the course. Pressure proof your game.

Experience .

Multiple major championships. 30+ professional events. Multiple professional winners.

Highly Qualified.

Level 8 accreditation. Coach to other qualified coaches. Relevant and credible coaching support.

Online Coaching.

Anywhere in the world. Holistic coaching. Monthly coaching support.